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Tips to make a move easier

When the time comes to change home, the tasks to be performed accumulate and with the added nerves, the situation can be complicated. From Collell Riera we want to give you some tips to keep in mind to speed up this process:


At Collell Riera we open a new website

We present our new website. With it we want to adapt ourselves to the new design and programming trends in order to offer you the best of the experiences when navigating. We also want to move forward and keep our customers and followers up to date with all our properties and news.


What can I visit in the Pla de l'Estany?

The Pla de l'Estany is a region with a lot of historical, gastronomic and demographic charm. That is why we dedicate this post to give you some tips to live captivating experiences in the different municipalities that make up this beautiful region. We start!